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Scene reviews
Sent by real customers
Xander handled Splatter Island well.
Xander handled Splatter Island well for an older man. It was good to see an older moderately hairy balding hot guy pied repeatedly and slimed. The final scene where he goes through "Punishment Cove", is epic. It was my favorite part of the video beside from when he sacrificed his shirt to the volcano. I nice scene worthy of watching.
-Bo Shorts    8/11/23    
Great adventure!
Extensive punishments! Especially liked the "that's just not right" treatments. Sebastian was great at answering the questions, but not so great at avoiding some of those slimings. The Ministry of Splatter evidently does not appreciate poor decorum. lol!
-piesrus    2/17/22    
Great adventure!
Really enjoyed this one. Love to see guys with facial hair get it good (I have facial hair). and the consistency of the pies and slime was great. Makes me want to visit Splatter Island! And I am not compensated in any way for this review.
-piesrus    2/4/22    
Beautiful man, great pies
This guy is a total babe. Great pies as well! Also, kinda looks like he has a boner a bit? Loved it.
-wellhelloluv    6/16/18    
Hot guy,great mess, definitely worth purchasing
Such a hot video, I don't think I'll ever get bored of seeing Michael pied and slimed.

Great pies, great slime, and I love that he gets cleaned up a few times only to get messy again :)
-jay852uk    4/1/17    
Hot Hot Hot
Hottest vids on here... I love buying these vides... the best. So where is Splatter Island? What city?
-NastiBoiLV    7/12/16    
More suited guys!
This guy is really great. The suit is very sexy on him while getting pied. I can't ever say no to a barefoot guy in a suit getting pied really good. He's got perfect soles too. Awesome foot scene. Pie coverage isn't as nice as your other videos however, mostly because he just completely squeegees it off right away :(
-maxrigg    10/20/15    
Best purchase. No regrets here.
Cute guy, cute outfit, cute voice too. Perfect feet, Perfect pie coverage, great gunge and fantastic ending. Only critique is this video isn't as higher quality as the others, a bit pixel-y, but not bad non the less. Keep up the good foot scenes in your videos! definitely bring this guy back for more. I'd say the next step is to see if he'll do this in bondage ;)
-maxrigg    10/20/15    
If you're into feet with your wam, find another video.
I'm sure this guy had some nice smooth soles, you know, if we could have seem them. Once again they forgot to get footage of the messy feet scenes that seem to happen in the blink of an eye.This guy is pretty hot though, you get an A+ for wetting the guy and washing his face between pies! always nice to see his cute face after each pie.
-maxrigg    4/20/15    
Sexy feet, hot guy!
Great video, actually shows the feet. Alex gots some nice soles. Wish there was more feet scenes in these videos. And the thing with getting the guys to swear so you could slime them seems kind of silly.
-maxrigg    4/20/15    
No feet, but lots of pies
If you're into feet like me this one isn't for you even though it says Messy Feet. It does happen in the video, only the camera isn't lowered to his feet. So you see nothing. Beside that (which is a huge failure honestly), he's pretty cute and has a hot voice. Buy it if you're just into pies and gunge!
-maxrigg    4/20/15    
Best looking guy on here, He needs to come back for Round 2!
I loved the trivia style but I felt it moved too quickly when they did the chocolate sauce feet. Also i was disappointed the soles of the feet weren't included in the shot, I feel like tickling the soles of the feet would be a great addition to the trivia style since it compliments the messy punishment. I loved the idea of a volcanic sacrifice where they have to remove an article of clothing however the fact he was already barefoot was also a bit of a let down. Part of the fun is watching him have to strip everything. Maybe next time a little more care should be used in planning out how certain events will go with the model so that he knows the best reaction to give.
-maxrigg    10/21/14    
Love it! Absolutely awesome!
This video is absolutely awesome! Amazing scene with amazing guy! It's been a long time since last time I saw his session video :) This is actaully one of the best scenes I have seen, and deeply hope to see more scenes of him or other Asian guys from Splatter Island. :D
-Alex Lovepied    1/5/14    
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